Request For Proposals

Request For Proposals

In this page you can find a grant wish list. Some of them are WIP (work in progress) and others might be fully spec’d out. Feel free to use those ideas as the basis for submitting your grant proposal. Come on CoW Swap discord or forum if you have questions or want help to flesh out a grant proposal.

CoW Grants program is looking for grant application in the following topics:

  • 💹 Trading Related Applications
  • 📊 Analytics
  • 🛠️ Developer Tooling
  • 🤖 Solvers
  • 🔁 Integrations
  • 🎒Education
  • 🎨 Design

Proposal wish list:

📉RFP: Stop-Loss OrderRFP: “Have I been MEV’d?” Twitter bot
🕐(Completed) RFP: Safe App for creating milkman orders