Grants FAQ

Grants FAQ

What is the CoW Grants Program (CGP)?

The CGP aims to provide funding to support the growth of the CoW Protocol ecosystem and drive utility and demand for the $COW token. The areas of focus for CoW Protocol's growth, as outlined in this proposal, include:

  • CoWmunity growth
  • User interface and user experience (UI/UX)
  • Decentralization
  • Development of new Solvers
  • Developer tools (SDK)
  • Integrations and protocol order flow
  • Other miscellaneous areas

How can I apply?

To apply, please use the application template and submit it in the CoW DAO's grants forum section.

What is the minimum and maximum funding amount for a COW grant?

The CoW DAO Grants Program provides different funding levels based on the scope of the task to be completed. Projects with a higher impact will require more work and thus a larger funding amount, while projects with a lower impact will require less work and a smaller funding amount.

How will I receive compensation for my work?

The Grants Committee will collaborate with you to establish milestones that will help break down the compensation process. Payment will be made whenever a milestone is achieved. If it is not possible to determine specific milestones, a portion of the grant may be paid upfront to cover costs, with the remaining payment made upon successful completion of the grant.

How will I receive the payment?

All payments will be made either in xDAI or COW tokens through the CoW Grants Safe. The specific amount of each token will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the grantees and the Grants Committee.

Can I apply for a grant if I am located in a specific country?

Yes! CoW is a global phenomenon. Regardless of your location, you are subject to the CoW DAO Participation Agreement and the CoW DAO Grant Terms and Conditions when applying for a grant.

What types of work/projects qualify for a grant?

Any work or project that benefits the overall CoW Protocol ecosystem is eligible for a grant. Priority will be given to grant applications that have a significant impact on the CoW ecosystem and CoWmunity.

There is a wide range of functions that can be funded through grants, including analytics, tooling, infrastructure, and growth initiatives, among others. Additionally, the CGP can fund ecosystem projects that complement the core product of CoW Protocol, such as CoW-themed gaming/NFT projects and solvers. Please refer to the "Request for Proposals" section in the provided document for inspiration.

The goal is to fund diverse grants, ranging from simple projects to more complex and long-term endeavors. The funding amount will vary based on the complexity of the project.

How frequently are grant applications approved?

CoW DAO Grants aim to issue rounds of grant funding on an application basis until the available funds from the first CoW DAO installment have been allocated.

What happens if a grantee fails to fulfill their duties?

To prevent a grantee from absconding with a significant amount of funds, the grants committee may establish

Consequences of Non-Compliance by a Grantee

To safeguard against the potential misappropriation of funds, the grants committee has implemented certain measures for grants exceeding $1K. Specifically, milestones will be established to ensure proper monitoring of grant progress.

If a grantee fails to respond to committee messages over a period of 4 weeks, it will be deemed as an indication of abandonment of the grant. Consequently, any pending milestones that were expected to be accomplished will be marked as incomplete, and the grantee will not receive the corresponding funds. This protocol ensures accountability and encourages grantees to uphold their responsibilities in a timely manner.